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Spirit To A Tee

Mamacita Floral & Animal Print - Cinco Tee

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Indulge in the perfect blend of sass and style with Spirit to a Tee's "Mama Cita" Graphic Tee. This shirt is not just an article of clothing; it's a declaration of confidence, a celebration of motherhood, and a nod to the wild side that every mama possesses. The bold letters "Mama Cita" adorned with a captivating leopard and flowers pattern inside create a visual feast that's both fierce and feminine. Whether you're a mom looking to unleash your inner mama or you're searching for the perfect gift for a fellow mama, this tee is a must-have addition to your wardrobe. Available in sizes small to 3XL, "Mama Cita" seamlessly combines comfort, style, and a touch of untamed spirit.

Unleash Your Inner Mama
Motherhood is a journey filled with tenderness, resilience, and a fierce love that knows no bounds. "Mama Cita" is not just a phrase; it's an embodiment of the wild side that every mama possesses. This Graphic Tee invites you to unleash your inner mama, embracing the duality of strength and softness, fierceness and tenderness that defines the beautiful chaos of raising a family.

1. Bold "Mama Cita" Lettering: The focal point of the "Mama Cita" Graphic Tee is its bold lettering. The word "Mama Cita" is not just written; it's a statement. The bold font exudes confidence, allowing you to wear your role as a mama with pride. The visual impact of the letters draws attention, making it a standout piece in your collection.

2. Leopard and Flowers Pattern: Adding a touch of wild sophistication, the letters "Mama Cita" are adorned with a captivating leopard and flowers pattern. This design detail creates a perfect fusion of fierceness and femininity, celebrating the untamed spirit within every mama. The leopard pattern adds a dash of edginess, while the flowers bring a touch of elegance.

3. Size Range from Small to 3XL: Spirit to a Tee believes in providing options for everyone. The "Mama Cita" Graphic Tee is available in a range of sizes from small to 3XL, ensuring that mamas of all body types can comfortably and confidently wear this expressive piece. The unisex design promotes inclusivity, making it suitable for moms with varying body shapes.

Wear Your Mama Pride
The "Mama Cita" Graphic Tee is more than just a shirt; it's an expression of mama pride, a celebration of the untamed spirit within every mother. By wearing this tee, you confidently showcase your strength, your love, and your wild side. Whether you're treating yourself to a wardrobe refresh or surprising a fellow mama with a fierce and stylish gift, this tee is a delightful choice. Order your "Mama Cita" Graphic Tee today and wear your mama pride with untamed elegance – where style meets strength!

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  • Shown on a Black soft Tee
  • Lt. Purple, Hot Pink, Sand, AMG, W. Gold, Nat. Turquoise & White Ink
  • 4.2 oz., 52% combed and ringspun cotton 48% polyester
  • unisex sizing; retail fit
  • fitted at bicep; shoulder taping
  • sideseamed